How You Brought Me Back to Blogging

How You Brought Me Back to Blogging

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post, and the truth is, you inspired me to pick it up again.

Since I started in 2013, blogging has given me many opportunities – to connect with new people, to ignite conversations, and to get more involved with our city.

It’s these opportunities that inspire me to be open to adventure, to share, and to connect. And this blog is a part of that.

A Focus on Kansas City

As I kick off a new phase in Pink Moon’s blog, I’m listening to you. You all told me that your favorite posts involved Kansas City – and I know why. Kansas City is an amazing place to be and she needs our help to keep the momentum going.

So together, let’s explore some of KC’s finest:

  • Kansas City’s best neighborhoods and what makes them great
  • Things to do in Kansas City including eating, drinking, learning, and exploring
  • Kansas Citians doing cool things and paving their own way

Other Ways to be a Better Human

In addition to KC, we’ll be talking about other things we can do better – whether that’s getting smarter through a book or documentary, helping our community through volunteering, or figuring out what we do best, so we can leave a positive impact on the world around us.

Want to Get Involved?

It’s easy. Go to a museum you’ve never explored, support a local band, sign up for this blog, volunteer with one of KC’s many non-profits, introduce yourself to a stranger, create a Kansas City bucket list, join a community association, vote. Choose adventure over complacency. And then spread the joy. Invite a friend, tell a neighbor, or share it on social media.

Join me and let’s make it an epic year!

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