Make Your Way to Tropicana for a Special Treat

Make Your Way to Tropicana for a Special Treat

This estilo Michoacan shop is a taste and cultural adventure

Why it took me so long to try Paleterias Tropicana I may never know. All I can say is don’t make the same mistake I did. Go there. Make it your new ice cream shop. Thank me later.

This place is enchanting, it makes you feel like you’ve been whisked down to the Gulf. I could practically hear the waves outside. Beyond that, it is so tasty. They serve all types of desserts (some of which I’ve never heard of), authentic Mexican snacks and do it all the right way. They use 100% natural products, hand make their ice cream and build your dessert right in front of you.

Next time you want a sweet treat, an authentic Mexican salty or just a fun adventure, visit the fine folks at Tropicana.

Here’s the breakdown:


  • Bienvenidos al Westside (also locations in Independence, Shawnee, KCK and Wichita)

Best time of day to visit:

  • I don’t think there’s a bad time to visit this spot. And you can’t beat the hours. They are open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Hello, trouble!

Recommended goodies:

  • Paletas: Fruit-based or cream-based frozen popsicles in flavors you’re used to and flavor’s you’re excited to try (como Arroz/Rice y Pepino con Chile/Cucumber with Chile)
  • Mangoneada: Mango sorbet with a splash of chamoy and chiletajin – what! Chamoy is a savory sauce made with fruit, chilies and lime juice. Supposedly it’s the next big thing. Better go get you some!
  • Eschamocha: The Mister had this and it’s a winner. Fruit cocktail (chopped before your very eyes), coconut flakes, raisins, pecans and condensed milk topped with whipped cream.
  • Elotes: If you’ve never had elote, you had better get this. Corn, butter, mayo, lime juice and cotija cheese. There’s no way you can’t not love that.
  • Freshata Classic: I fell in love with horchata working at Tortas Jalisco in college (you should also go there!) and although we liked to mix it with vodka (hey, we were in college!), it is a delightful, refreshing sweet rice milk. Maybe that sounds weird, but trust me!


  • Energetic, fun and welcoming. You’ll never want to leave.


  • The culture: Anytime you can visit Southwest Boulevard, you’re in for a cultural treat. Step into a place where everyone speaks Spanish and immerse yourself in a fun atmosphere you can’t get most places.
  • The menu: I want to try everything on it. It’s all so interesting and sometimes you’re not entirely clear what you’re ordering.

Watch out for:

  • Long lines: That’s a good sign, but you may do a drive-by before stopping in if you’re in a hurry. This place is hopping!

Vegetarian friendly:

  • Si, por supuesto

Vegan friendly:

  • Very, did I mention the Cocktel de Frutas? Sliced seasonal fruit sprinkled with spicy tajin chile, salt and lime. It looks delicious!


  • Ride your bike there (or borrow one from B-Cycle), so you can eat EVERYTHING
  • Prepare yourself – everything is in Espanol (which I find awesome), but if you’re not as excited about that, take a deep breath. They have pictures of all the menu items and if no one working speaks English, you’ll all figure it out together. See, that’s an adventure!

Go there now:
Paleterias Tropicana
830 Southwest Boulevard
Kansas City, Missouri 64108

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