A Food Experience: Eat at The Farmhouse

A Food Experience: Eat at The Farmhouse

Ridiculously Good Local Food in A Cozy Environment

The Farmhouse’s motto, “Farm to table. Tip to tail.” isn’t just a catchy slogan– its what they do everyday. And they do it really well. The food at The Farmhouse is superb (like really amazing), the beverages are top-notch, and the servers are fun, professional and eccentric.

While The Farmhouse always features a lovely seasonal menu, the real show-stoppers are the daily specials which feature the flavors of our region and work with what their farmers have provided that week. Every dish is a testament to its ingredients, crafted by expert hands with attention to detail.


  • River Market

Best time of day to visit:

  • Brunch is everything you want in a brunch, lunch is delightful, happy hour in the bar is one of my favorites and dinner is sensational (I’m not obsessed or anything…)

Recommended dishes:

  • All of them. I have come to expect great things from The Farmhouse and they rarely disappoint. Every dish is an experience that teaches you something about flavor profiles, pairings and preparation.
  • If you aren’t sure what to order, ask your server. They’ve tasted every dish and will make a solid recommendation.
  • For real though, some of my all-time favorites:
    • Debris fries: Perfect french fries, rabbit gravy, house made cottage cheese… omg
    • Cheese plate: Some of the best pairings I’ve tasted
    • Spring Forager Soup: A savory, sweet, complex and subtle vegan soup that captured spring in a single spoonful.
    • French Onion Soup: Please bring it back, Chef!
    • Farmer’s Salad: A staple on the menu for a reason (mostly those polenta croutons) – get this.
    • Missouri Trout: A thoughtful and complex dish with arugula and cherry tomatoes, served over a fried potato cake and topped with a sweet pepper coulis.


  • The space is darling: rustic, artistic and upscale. The atmosphere is friendly and pleasant and the focus is on the food.


  • It works for those who enjoy trying new things (trotter and pork cheeks) and those who prefer to stick with what they know (the hangar steak and fries are bangin!).
  • They know how to course a meal and take care of you from start to finish.

Watch out for:

  • This is a nice restaurant, so be prepared to invest a few dollars in an enjoyable experience.


  • Very.


  • Absolutely.


    • Sit at the bar and hang out with the awesome staff or take advantage of their cozy patio.
    • Request to sit in Sonny’s section – he’s the best.

Go there now: The Farmhouse 300 Delaware St. Kansas City, MO 64105 816.569.6032 www.eatatthefarmhouse.com


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