Riding by Moonlight: Lunar Kanza 50

Riding your bike through the Flint Hills under a full moon is more than just another bike ride, it’s almost a spiritual experience. Gazing out at the horizon, the brilliant moon emits just enough light so you can see the rolling hills meet the sky. The hushed peacefulness connects you with the people that have been there before, the vibrant life surrounding you and the journey that has brought you to this point

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Cinder Block Brewery: A Must-See for Beer Lovers

Cinder Block Brewery is aptly named after the founder's home brewing passion: what was once a small operation out of a cinderblock basement is now a top-of-the-line craft-beer establishment in North Kansas City. And it’s not just the quality beer that makes this place worth the trip. The open space allows for a full view of their beer-brewing operations, while big windows and a rustic bar give it a cozy feel that make you want to stay and hang out for awhile.

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Go Ride Your Bike: 10 Tips for Your Journey to a Century

Long rides are sort of an initiation into the biking community. While bikers are generally friendly people, you get to a new level of cool when you can boast of your painful hours in the saddle, riding 50, 75 or 100 miles (or more for the real crazies). Working your way up to these long rides is challenging and intimidating, but can also be very rewarding. If you want to hear my story, you can read about my first century in my post, "My Love Affair With Bikes: The Beginning"

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