Cinder Block Brewery: A Must-See for Beer Lovers

Cinder Block Brewery: A Must-See for Beer Lovers

North Kansas City’s Newest Brewery is Worth Checking Out

Cinder Block Brewery is aptly named after the founder’s home brewing passion: what was once a small operation out of a cinderblock basement is now a top-of-the-line craft-beer establishment in North Kansas City. And it’s not just the quality beer that makes this place worth the trip. The open space allows for a full view of their beer-brewing operations, while big windows and a rustic bar give it a cozy feel that make you want to stay and hang out for awhile.

Cinder Block is serious about their beer. With 20 total taps, there are 6 year-round beers like Paver’s Porter, Prime Extra Pale Ale and Block IPA and 4-8 different seasonal beers. Read on, get thirsty and then hop on MO-9!

Here’s the breakdown:


  • North Kansas City

Best time of day to visit:

  • They are open Tuesday – Thursday from 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm and Friday – Saturday from 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm. It’s a great spot to enjoy a beer after work or relax and catch a game on the weekend.

Recommended goodies:

  • Beer flight: You can never go wrong with a flight of beer. Cinder Block’s allows you to try each of their year-round beers plus a seasonal variety such as their Coffee Hop’d English Brown Ale.
  • Cider Block: This article in the Pitch inspired me to check out Cinder Block in the first place and got me excited about their line of cider beer made from fresh Missouri apples. While I don’t drink a lot of cider beer (unless I’m hungover, #truth), I had to try it. It’s sweet, but with a nice balanced tartness.
  • Weathered Wit: This Belgian-style wit beer is my favorite of the year-round brews.


  • Neighborhood cul-de-sac party. It’s a great mix of North Kansas City natives, bikers, young downtowners and beer enthusiasts.


  • They have free wi-fi, fun board games and a couple TV’s to keep you entertained

Watch out for:

  • Cinder Block is closed Sundays for scheduled tours, so get your day drinking in on Saturday
  • They don’t have a kitchen, so don’t come super hungry, unless it’s a Friday or Saturday (see Tips below)


  • They have free popcorn (!) and a variety of $1 bar snacks like cheez-it’s and snack mix (also !). Plus, if you go on a Friday or Saturday they serve BBQ from Back Rack Grill, a food truck specializing in BBQ and smoked meats, including a smoked salmon sandwich.
  • Host your next event here – they let you bring in your own food and it’s a great space

Go there now:
Cinder Block Brewery
110 East 18th Ave
North Kansas City, MO 64116

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