City Market Coffee House: Coffee, Food and Juice (!) for the Soul

City Market Coffee House: Coffee, Food and Juice (!) for the Soul

It’s All About the Beans, And Everything Else

I’ve been a fan of City Market Coffee House since 2007 and it just keeps getting better. Built on a love and appreciation for good coffee beans, the folks at City Market Coffee House don’t do anything ‘just because’ or without considering the quality and source of their products.

Owner Nikole Ammer is dedicated to her craft which means you reap the benefits. She hand-selects (and tastes) all of the products in her shop, so you can trust anything you pick up will be wonderful. They roast fair-trade, organic coffee beans, feature a simple food menu that appeals to all types of diets and taste preferences and source local and organic whenever possible.

City Market Coffee House has always had top-notch coffee and breakfast burritos, but their new thing – mynew thing – is their juices. OMG THEIR JUICES! They are organic, made right in front of you and make you feel like 100 million bucks. Read the deets and then plan your trip.

Here’s the breakdown:


  • River Market

Best time of day to visit:

  • Morning-time, lunch-time, afternoon-time… all the times! They are open everyday from 7am to 6:30pm.

Recommended goodies:

  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee: Espresso and sweetened condensed milk, served over ice. Just as good, dare I say better, than Vietnam Cafe’s.
  • Vegan Half and Half Latte: These crazy people got me hooked on these and now I get weird looks at coffee shops all over town. Why go straight soy or straight almond milk when you can go half and half and still be vegan? The standard for vegan lattes.
  • Blueberry Banana Breakfast Smoothie: Featuring banana, blueberry, almond milk, chia, flax and oats, this is the perfect start to your day.
  • Breakfast Burritos: There’s 3 different types including a vegetarian and a vegan option. You can’t go wrong: these are crowd pleasers for a reason.
  • Ginger Kale Organic Natural Juice: Add a little lime and you’ll be in heaven. Or try the Go Green with extra jalapeño and ginger. I’m making my way down the menu and get a little more excited with each taste.
  • Patty Press Milkshake: This comes highly recommended and is on the top of my list of things to try. Made with ice cream (make it homemade coconut for an extra $1), cold press coffee, peppermint and chocolate, this thing sounds amazing.


  • Quaint, urban, hippie with fun, local art and a rustic history


  • The people. Not just the people who work there (who are awesome), but City Market Coffee House attracts great people who do cool things.
  • The people watching. Being located in The City Market, you can see some really interesting stuff while sipping your Lavendar Latte.
  • You can stay all day. Seriously, go for a fresh-baked scone and coffee, stick around for a veggie panini (made on Farm to Market Rosemary Foccacia) and juice and enjoy an afternoon milkshake pick me up.

Watch out for:

  • Saturdays at the market. The market gets pretty crazy during warmer months (which is super fun), so expect a line if you come in on a Saturday morning. The good thing? City Market Coffee House recognizes this and they always have $1 cups of help-yourself-coffee front and center. Try the Brewed Awakening or City Market Blend.
  • The time warp. This is a great place to get in a rhythm working, chatting with friends or watching the world unfold and before you know it, its been 4 hours.


Go there now: City Market Coffeehouse 305 Main Street Kansas City, Missouri 64105 Northwest corner of The City Market 816.718.3005

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