Enjoy a Show at Crossroads KC

Enjoy a Show at Crossroads KC

We’re all seeking those magical moments where we can live completely in the moment, and one of the more enjoyable ways to achieve that is to see a great live show.

When it comes to live music in Kansas City – The Crossroads KC is at the top of my list. We have several great venues, intimate spots like Green Lady Lounge, stargazing at Starlight Theatre, and of course there’s nothing quite like Knuckleheads Saloon. But for me, Crossroads is all the things.

It’s the perfect combination of location (Crossroads Art District), atmosphere (laid-back festival), and lineups (everything from hip-hop, jam bands, reggae, blues, folk, and more). This year marks their 10th season and they have 30-40 shows per season. Find a reason to go and get tickets now!

About Crossroads KC

  • Location: The backyard of the famous Grinder’s (grab a slice of ‘za at the end of the night and have a better tomorrow)
  • Ticket types: GA tickets and reserved bleachers. Unless you need to sit, go GA
  • Show types: Some shows are all ages and it’s weird (18 year olds are super young)
  • For Mom: It’s safe and people are friendly
  • Beverage situation: There are multiple bars – the one in the Southeast corner usually has the shortest lines
  • Weather: Shows are rain or shine (hope for rain – it makes the show epic!)

Make a Day of It

Even better than a show at Crossroads is making a day of the event. Here are a few things you can do in the area:

Learn more and buy tickets to a show at http://crossroadskc.com.

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