Simplifying in 2017

Simplifying in 2017

As you read last week in The Best of Pink Moon in 2016, it was a fun and adventurous year. I’m looking forward to a more simple and quiet 2017 while working on these goals:

2017 Goals

  • Simplify: In 2016 I started asking: Will this simplify my life? And if the answer is no I rethink it. I want to continue to use this as a guiding principal in 2017.
  • Write: I’ve written about the power of journaling before and I want to continue to make it a (nearly) daily practice in 2017. I’m also going to continue blogging once a week and I have a new goal of getting published in 3 additional outlets.
  • Practice Grace: In 2016 I started a daily habit of choosing 1 of my favorite 3 ways to recharge – each day I either journal, yoga or meditate. This has helped me become a calmer, more grounded individual.
  • Backpack: In 2016, Nick and I became legit hikers (more on how you can be one here). It was the one activity we joined in together between his 50k training and my DK200 training. In 2017 we are excited to take a step further and get into backpacking with multiple overnight trips in the wilderness.
  • Seek inspiration everyday: As I read through past journals, reflecting on previous goals, I found one I used when I first started Pink Moon Marketing that really resonates: Seek inspiration everyday. In 2017 I will look for beauty and be open to signs from the universe.

What would you like to do in 2017? How can I help? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Becky January 5, 2017 at 9:06 pm - Reply

    You and your blog are signs from the universe…goodness and beauty!

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