Pigwich: Sandwiches to End All Sandwiches

Pigwich: Sandwiches to End All Sandwiches


Put This Meaty Food Truck On Your Bucket List

Pigwich is a stationary food truck adjacent to mi amor The Local Pig (read all about it, my friend). It has the best sandwiches in #KC. For real, the best freaking sandwiches. They have a set menu featuring old favorites like Cheeseburger and Cheesesteak and more adventurous offerings like Bahn Mi and Falafel. All of them are served on Farm to Market bread (nom) and feature ridiculous house-made toppings (often from local farmers).

Beyond the set menu, there is a special each day, plus (if you’re lucky) they have a bonus special some days. And these are not your run-of-the-mill specials. These are amazing, in-your-face specials that will knock your socks off. Meatloaf that will make you a believer, porchetta that will make you say ‘mama mia’ and funky surprises like chicken and waffles where a fresh waffle serves as the bun.

Invite a friend, frenemy, co-worker or your mom, pick a date, any date (how about today?) and head to Pigwich for a delightful meal. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the breakdown:


  • East Bottoms (minutes from downtown KC, but feels lightyears away)

Best time of day to visit:

  • Lunchtime, dinnertime, whenever your hungover (just sayin’)
  • And if you’re visiting around lunch or dinner, watch out – this place gets hoppin’ on a nice day

Recommended dishes:

  • Cheeseburger: Best in KC – get it asap!
  • If in doubt, get the special. You’ll be back, but it might not be.
  • Don’t overthink it. You can’t go wrong, not kidding (this is maybe the only place I would ever say that about, BTW. Super legit.).


  • Backyard barbecue


  • They occasionally support local non-profits with specialty sandwiches, donating a portion of each sale to those organizations (big kudos, Pigwich!)
  • Fun, friendly staff
  • Locally, ethically-raised meat (yay!)
  • Reasonably priced

Watch out for:

  • These are not small plates – prepare to get full (get in my belly!)
  • They have a great outdoor seating area, but plan on taking it with you if its nasty out

Vegetarian friendly:

  • Yes

Vegan friendly:

  • Not so much


  • The chips are housemade and amazing, get them
  • Spread the love: Tell a friend – or better yet, bring a friend. They’ll thank you (and you’ll look super cool).

Go there now: Pigwich 2618 Guinotte Ave. Kansas City, MO 64120 816-200-1639 Pigwich Facebook

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